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Here is a list of links to the PDF versions of EWOV's policy and procedures.

Accessibility Policy 
How EWOV remains accessible to customers.

Authority to Act Policy
What happens if a third-party contacts us on behalf of a customer and an Authority to Act (ATA) is required.

Binding Decision Procedure and Final Stage Complaints
If a negotiated outcome cannot be achieved at Final Stage, the matter may be referred to the Ombudsman for a Binding Decision.

Case Registration Procedure
We register the complaints we receive as either enquiries, assisted or unassisted referrals or investigations.

Compensation and Financial Recognition Policy and Procedure
What we consider when a person has wrongly suffered a loss or other detriment, and we may seek monetary payments as a form of redress.

Complaint Upgrade Policy
How and why we upgrade complaints.

Internal Review Policy
Our policy to handle complaints from customers and scheme participants about us.

Legal and Paid Advocate Representation Policy
Our approach to cases where customers or providers wish to be represented by a paid advocate, such as a legal representative or a credit repair agent.

No Contact Suspension of Collection Activity Policy
Our policy on suspension of collection action by providers, and no contact between providers and customers.

Over $20,000 Seeking Agreement — Policy and Procedure 
Our policy on what happens when the amount claimed exceeds the Ombudsman’s Decision limit of $20,000.

Procedural and Fair Offer Closure policy
When we might stop handling a complaint if it is fair and reasonable to do so.

Payment Difficulty Procedure
How we handle complaints where customers are facing payment difficulty

Payment of Undisputed Amounts Policy
The requirement for customers to make payments towards undisputed amounts and ongoing charges during an investigation.

Procedural and Fair Offer Closure Policy
When we might stop handling a complaint if it is fair and reasonable to do so.

Same Customer Same Issue Policy
If and when we will reopen a complaint or register a new complaint from the same customer on the same issue

Same Day Reconnection Derestriction Policy
All scheme participants are required to reconnect/de-restrict a customer on the same day a customer has lodged a complaint for investigation.

Systemic Issues Policy
We identify and report energy-related systemic issues to the Essential Services Commission (ESC) for its investigation and subsequent action.

Vulnerable and Disadvantaged Customer Policy and Procedure
How we assess if a customer may be experiencing vulnerability or disadvantage and how we can handle complaints like this.