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EWOV runs free scheme participant induction training sessions throughout the year. This training is for new scheme participant contacts, customer service managers and other scheme participant staff who deal directly with EWOV in complaints and investigations handling, and is offered most months of the year. Until further notice, this training will be delivered virtually.

The training is split into sessions focussing on EWOV's jurisdiction and charter, the case handling process and the working relationship between EWOV and its scheme participants. Our objectives are to enable you to:

  • explain the role of EWOV
  • conduct a working relationship with EWOV
  • outline the key points of EWOV’s case handling procedures.

You can register for all four sessions or just the session/s covering topics needed. The length of each session varies as indicated below:

  • session 1: Jurisdiction (45 mins)
  • session 2: Case Registration (45 mins)
  • session 3: Investigations (90 mins)
  • session 4: Policies and Procedures (60 mins)

How to book

EWOV will email an invitation to scheme participant learning contacts a few weeks before each training date. Training is offered most months of the year. If you or someone else at your organisation are not already on our mailing list and would like to be added to it, please let us know by emailing

Please get in touch via the above email address if you have any queries, or alternatively, call on 03 8672 4460.

Training videos

If you are unable to attend one of EWOV’s free scheme participant induction training sessions, or would like a refresher, have a look at these pre-recorded sessions here.